• Ср. Фев 8th, 2023

Chernigovskaya Tatyana.. The leader must send everyone…. The Gaidar Forum

Chernigovskaya Tatiana. Expert discussion “How to unleash the brain in order to achieve effective leadership?” Scientists predict that the next human species will be Homo sapiens autocreator, that is, a self-created species that will meet the information challenges of the 21st century. How will the speed of the human brain change and how to make it work for leadership? The modern world presents us with a huge number of challenges, both personal and corporate.


The replacement of many routine procedures and middle management with artificial intelligence, robotic production force a person to look for a new place in the future. Questions for discussion: • How does a modern person develop? The development of man as Homo sapiens autocreator – self-reproducing, self-made man – what does this mean? How to consciously use it today? • How to “shake” your brain and get a person out of the zone of stereotypes? How can you “pump” your team? How, while retaining staff, to get self-tuning for the development of new competencies? • Brain empowerment and creativity Presentation by Tatiana Chernigovskaya, Professor of Neuroscience and Psycholinguistics Professor of Neuroscience.

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