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Calabria: Affordable Premium Properties

Calabria is located in the southernmost part of the Apennine Peninsula in the “toe of the Italian boot”. And today this region is rich in a wide range of proposals: from very inexpensive offers in the city of Scalea, and ending with upscale properties on the Costa delhi Dei, the name of which translates as “Coast of the Gods”. It is this that has recently attracted the attention of buyers of premium housing in Italy. This applies to both Italians themselves, even the most sophisticated, and foreigners who actively purchase housing here in order not only to spend their holidays, but also as a place for permanent residence. The favorable location, excellent ecology of the region, favorable climatic conditions and a high level of security significantly influence the adoption of such important decisions.

Calabria and its geography

Due to its unique location, Calabria is washed from the west by the Tyrrhenian Sea, from the east by the Ionian Sea, the Gulf of Taranto in the northeast, and the Strait of Messina from the southwest. It is easy for local residents to get not only to many regions of Italy, but also to other countries, since both air and rail links and sea navigation are actively used here. As for the climate, the weather in Calabria is mild all year round, without the sweltering heat in the summer and the piercing winds in the winter.

Calabria is often called the “Caribbean of Europe” – there are many beautiful beaches marked with the “Blue Flag”, the best of which regularly make it to the top lines of national ratings. In addition, many of Calabria’s beaches have been recognized as the most suitable and safe for families with children – along with the beaches of Tuscany, Sicily and Sardinia. The landscapes of these places are unforgettable: rocky mountains, overgrown with forests, give way to hills with vineyards, and the roads cross the plains stretching to the sea.

On a walk, you can easily come across ancient Greek temples and Byzantine churches, as well as see many small historical towns. One of them – Tropea – won first place in Italy at the Borgo dei Borghi competition in 2021. The city is also famous for its restaurants serving local cuisine and many events that take place all year round. Due to the lack of industry, nature in Calabria has been preserved untouched by man. The region is distinguished by impeccable ecology, magnificent gardens, fresh vegetables, fruits and seafood. Here you can find the very Italy, which for many is meant by the world-famous phrase dolve vita.

Premium resorts in Calabria

If we talk about the expensive segment of housing in Calabria, it is, first of all, Costa delhi Dei (“Coast of the Gods”), which stretches for 55 km and is completely within the borders of the province of Vibo Valentia on the Tyrrhenian Sea. The cities of Pizzo, Zambrone, Tropea and other unforgettable places with white sandy beaches with cozy coves, where you can see unusually clear blue water, which greatly attracts numerous buyers of local premium real estate. It is in these incredibly beautiful places where it is good to relax at any time of the year that you can find objects with the highest housing prices in Calabria.

By purchasing housing on this coast, a person gets all the advantages of the North of Italy, but only all this will cost him less. Moreover, if, in the case of real estate on Lake Como, not everyone can afford to buy a villa on the first line (even if we do not take into account the question of price, the size of the lake and the number of villas for sale are very limited), then in Calabria to realize their dream – living in a villa directly by the sea is quite possible. Moreover, the air near the seashore has more healing characteristics than in the lake areas.

Therefore, in Calabria, you can see objects not only with very low prices for budget housing (about 1000 euros per square meter), but also premium real estate. Due to the large area, unique location and other characteristics of the building, prices for first-class apartments and villas often exceed the € 1 million threshold.

For example, for 1.1 million euros in Vibo Valentia, you can buy an apartment of 280 square meters, located on the territory of a former monastery of the 17th century. Or, for 1.3 million euros, buy a three-level villa with a garden and a swimming pool next to the sea, overlooking neighboring Sicily. But it is worth noting that in the premium segment there are also more “modest” options: for example, about 500,000 are apartments with an area of over 100 square meters with 2-3 three bedrooms, located in a historic building, which also offers a magnificent view of the sea. Or for 400,000 euros in a modern residential complex, you can buy an apartment of 150 sq. M in, which will have an exclusive finish from Versace.

In addition to a lower order of prices for premium real estate than in other regions of Italy, as well as a wide selection of properties, Calabria attracts many also because the tax rate here is much lower than in the north of the country. But in the case of real estate with a large area, we will talk about impressive amounts. Therefore, spending on housing maintenance and paying bills will allow you to significantly save not only when buying an object, but also in subsequent daily, monthly and annual expenses. At the same time, the guarantees and the level of quality will be absolutely the same as in the north of Italy, where the price of life has risen very much over the past few years .. Therefore, far-sighted buyers of premium housing are now considering not only the usual Liguria, Valle d’Aosta or Tuscany for such a segment but also Calabria.

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